Forking is Expected

Web3, Creator Economy and Digital Decolonisation

👋 On time for your weekend: a round-up of this week's 23 remarkable stories at the intersection of #technology, #business, #design, and #culture.

📚 Reading

The Dao of DAOs:

Taking Uniswap’s elegant core design, we’ve added community-oriented features that we believe help improve the design of the protocol, as well as provide further benefits to the actors involved.” Imagine writing that sentence in public as a traditional company: “Taking Facebooks’s source code and design...” That wouldn’t happen. But Web3 is different; forking is expected.

👾 Software is eating software—Not Boring

From The Attention Economy To The Creator Economy:

Over the last century, we’ve complicated supply- and value chains to the extent we’ve almost forgotten there’s a creator behind the things and the content we consume. The Creator Economy is a digital and global version of a world we used to know—one where we support and celebrate digital artisans directly.

😎 Software is bringing back the good times—Forbes

Digital Decolonisation:

Again and again, I saw how local businesses, local entrepreneurs, local customers, and local governments all said they don't like how these cross-border multinationals are interacting with their domestic economies. In essence, they were uncomfortable with Digital Colonisation of their countries by global tech titans

🤖 Software is fighting software—Undervalued Shares

🎧 Listening

Shopify’s Impact on the Creator Economy:

The narrative around programming is more interesting than people realise. It's because since blacksmithing we never really had a craft where the craftsman make their own tools. [And] software is the ultimate play for leverage: you have this zero marginal cost infrastructure everyone on planet Earth can add to.

Tobi Lütke—This Week in Startups

How Scenes Work:

That's why the startup scene exists, that's why the music scene exists: It's because they are latching into something very authentic about how the world works and how people find motivation and purpose. A scene is essentially a collection of purpose that everybody has agreed to and that's why they're there. That's why scenes actually accomplish all these interesting, creative things.

Alex Danco—Infinite Loops

Investing as Activism:

You don't need an NFT per se, but I don't think of an NFT as the finished piece of work. I think of it as a call to arms, as a manifesto. It's kind of the thesis behind this community, and the NFT embodies that.

James Young—Means of Creation

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